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Bingo at E-games

Play online Bingo and enjoy this highly interesting game at E-games. Here you will find a massive variety of online Bingo games such as Pop Bingo, Beetle Bingo Scratch, Bingo Classic, Bingo Billions, Spingo, Super Bonus Bingo, Sassy Bingo, Samba Bingo, Electro Bingo and so much more. Enjoy big jackpots, exclusive games and free bingo games.

Bingo Brief History

Bingo is a very interesting and popular gambling game nowadays and its rules are very simple, which makes the game really fun. The history of Bingo takes us to Italy in the 16th century. This is the period during which the Italian lottery was held every Saturday. One hundred years later, the game was moved to France, where it was called “Le Lotto”.
A bingo game begins with the purchase of at least one bingo card consisting of 24 numbers that are placed on it, these numbers can be from 1 to 90 (from 1 to 75 when playing American bingo) and that is enough for one player to take part in the game. Once the game starts, you can no longer buy more bingo cards and all you have to do is listen to the operator who says random numbers in a loud voice so that you can mark those numbers that are present in your bingo map. This goes on until someone completes a bingo combination (a line of 5 numbers) and shouts “Bingo”, which puts an end to the game.